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We’ve reimagined each and every step of the ring buying process, starting with thoughtful service that makes it easier for you.Our diamonds are first certified by the International Gemological Institute, then only the best are personally selected by our in-house gemologist. We are meticulous so you can shop confidently.

A cut above the rest.

The ring cut sets the foundation for a quality diamond. Little known fact–cut is the factor most variable amongst diamond brands. Other brands will market an identical excellent cut as “ideal”, or “super ideal” depending on the jeweler. We don’t use marketing jargon. We only select stones that are cut to maximize the light reflection, bringing forth the best sparkle and radiance.

From figuring out ring size to finding the right style

We can answer quick questions, or help you along every step of the way

Anytime, anyplace

Connect with us on your time, from anywhere in the world online, or in person in select cities.

Call, text, video chat, or meet IRL

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What did I just walk into?

When it was time to buy an engagement ring, I didn’t know where to start. I visited every type of jeweler out there—the traditional powerhouses, the independent shops. Even some guy who was a friend of a friend and would give me ‘the backroom deal’.

The whole process felt outdated and murky. There had to be a better way.

So I went to the source: the diamond distributors. During that diligence phase I stumbled upon a lab that was making big strides in lab-grown diamonds. After seeing how their stones were identical to mined diamonds, but with better quality and bigger carat size, I knew that I was on to something. I had a gemologist select the best diamond from the lot and a renowned jeweler handset Isabella’s ring. Shortly after she said yes, I got the gemologist and jeweler onboard and we started making Couple rings full-time.

Here’s to a better engagement ring experience. For all.